S.O.S.-ABBAhttp://mymedia.yam.com/m/2981814S.O.S. ABBAWhere are those happy days They seem so hard to find I tried to reach 居酒屋for you But you have closed your mind Whatever happened to our love? I wish I understood It used to be so nice It used to be 酒肉朋友so good *So when you're near me Darling can't you hear me S. O. S. The love you gave me Nothing else can save me, S. 褐藻醣膠O. S. When you're gone How can I even try to go on? When you're gone Though I try how can I carry on? You seem so far 保濕面膜away Though you are standing near You made me feel alive But something died I feel I really tried to make it out I wish I 面膜understood What happened to our love It used to be so good (*) 求救信號 阿巴合唱團快樂的時光哪裡去了 似乎很難找回來 我試著術後面膜向你伸手求援 但你卻把心門關上 我倆的愛究竟怎麼了? 但願我能明白 它曾經是那麼美好 它曾經是那麼美好 當你靠近我時 親愛的,你是否膠原蛋白聽見我的求救信號 除了你給我的愛 什麼都無法救我,S. O. S. 當你離去 我怎麼試著活下去 當你離去 雖然我試過,但我怎麼過下去? 你似婚禮顧問乎非常的遙遠 雖然你就站在旁邊 你使我充滿活力 但我感覺到有些事物已經逝去 我很想試著去了解 但願我能明白 我倆的愛究竟怎麼了? 它婚禮佈置曾經是那麼美好

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